Test Technician


Job Title/Description:  Test Technicians operate test stations and apply technical knowledge to identify and address errors in analog and digital circuitry production. They also perform necessary measurements using applicable test equipment and make adjustments using soldering and re-work techniques.


Position Requirements:

  • In-process / Final Inspection of thru-hole and surface mount components using microscope or other inspection tools and equipment
  • Demonstrating a high level of inspection skill with a broad knowledge of solder joints and ensuring that IPC criteria has been met according to IPC-A-610 standard
  • Reworking thru-hole and surface mount assemblies including fine pitch components and ensuring that IPC criteria has been met according to IPC 7711/7721 standard
  • Ensure full compliance with all applicable quality assurance standards and internal SOPs
  • Hand soldering thru-hole and surface mount components including fine pitch according to IPC J-STD-001standard
  • Ability to demonstrate rework skills with de-soldering station and hot air gun
  • Ability to operate X-ray Inspection Machine in order to inspect and locate solder defects for leadless components
  • Ability to operate BGA Rework Machine to rework BGA, LGA, and special connectors
  • Recording inspection data using Vision system
  • Communicate with Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, and/or Team Leader regarding any major issues and be able to support root cause analysis as required
  • Support 5S+1 initiative within the team
  • In-process / Final Inspection of mechanical assemblies


  • 1st shift: 6am – 6pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) – $23.00+ depending on experience
  • 2nd shift: 6am – 6pm (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) – $23.00+ depending on experience