Material Coordinator


Material Coordinator: is responsible for pulling parts and items from inventory to feed the Assembly process (shop orders) and satisfy consolidated shipments (Consols).They place parts in inventory after they have been received; and return parts to inventory if they are extra, found or repaired. These positions use IFS to monitor and maintain accurate counts and record inventory locations. They conduct cycle counts, the annual audit and are responsible to reconcile differences.

• OEM, large spare, and small spares project setup including parts carts and paint carts; in accordance with planning and assembly project priority
• Shop order pulls including correct picklist preparation, pulling parts accurately, tagging parts / issuing parts accurately, and delivering parts to proper staging cart (1st pull)
• Shop order shortage process including running current shortage picklists in correct build sequence, pulling parts correctly, issuing parts correctly, and delivering to proper staging and/or assembly area (2nd pull)
• Each Customer Order must be entered from start to finish by the same person. Verify names are stamped on the “Pulled by” lines on the picklist.
• Coordination of small spares process from start to finish including picklist generation, pulling and issuing parts, closing shop order such as BOM issues, missing and broken parts
• Protocols are clear and well documented
• Use IFS to resolve inventory issues including part history, location information, receiving information, open PO’s and shop orders, customer orders, etc
• Close shop orders in IFS (SOX compliance)
• Create new part locations in the system and in the warehouse, when required
• If carts, bins are overflowing or over 40 lbs, add more bins and carts
• Responsible for raw materials inventory, outside scrap metal and trash
• Move material to staging or Assembly (forklift, wave, push cart)
• Return to stock process including part identification, job identification, cycle counts, correct part location, reconciliation with other open jobs, PO’s, shop orders, customer orders, un-issue from job or adjust required.
• Coordinate with other departments as needed to help resolve inventory issues

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Minimal requirements for education, knowledge and experience:
• High School Graduate or equivalent
• Ability to prioritize jobs
• Organization skills, count accuracy
• Computer skills (IFS)
• Crane and forklift certifications

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: This position requires the ability to perform the essential duties and responsibilities in the following environment:
• Work schedule generally consists of 40 hours per week, which may include on-call status, evenings, and/or weekends
• Physical requirements vary
• 40 lb limit on lifing without forklift or assistance
• Must wear a harness if climbing > 6’ off the shop floor
• Must operate in a safe, responsible manner, which represents the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate.

• Must not compromise environmental, health or safety values.