We are looking for a candidate to be in our Denver Facility and part of our Facilities/Maintenance Team. The role will work 7am-4pm and will be in a range of $21.00 to $23.00 per hour!

Position Details

  • Find Solution for condensation Issues
  • White board purchased and hung in engineering room and huddle rooms
  • Repair sink drain in future micro lab
  • Replace broken and stained ceiling panels in R&D
  • Cover holes in silo
  • Hang signs around building
  • Install washer and dryer
  • Remove racking in building
  • Remove rolling trash bins
  • Remove duct from exterior of building
  • Collect and return moving totes and carts
  • Throw away pallets of garbage, packing paper machine, heat tunnels on mezzanine
  • Repair dock door 10
  • Clean up air hose drops and coil and hang straight.
  • Finish installing the Hot room trim and base
  • Move nitrogen tanks to nook across from aux equipment and mount chains
  • Add door stops to doors on quality lab
  • Hang new toilet paper and paper towel dispensers
  • Cut back overhead pipes out from of new breakroom
  • Remove items in the bathrooms marked “do not use”
  • Install new door hardware
  • Repair and move doors
  • Install guard rails
  • Install weigh out booth curtains
  • Install strip curtains
  • Add a step on line 1 to help vertically challenged people work more safely
  • Remove shelves and garbage on mezzanine
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