Machine Operator


The  Hot  Stamp Machine Operator is responsible for effectively operating and maintaining  Hot Stamp equipment under the direction of the Hot Stamp Lead to ensure the production and timely delivery of high-quality plastic secured chip cards.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Learn to run a hot stamp machine.  Don’t worry, this machine is very cool!  It affixes the signature line and foil to the back of credit and debit cards.
  • Responsible for accurate operations, loading, and unloading of materials and error adjustments based on instructions, checklists, product specifications, and customer job ticket requirements
  • Continually checks, monitors and corrects any quality issues that may occur during each customer job run to minimize downtime and waste
  • Interprets and completes all  Hot  Stamp forms and documents that pertain to the Smart Card department with high accuracy
  • Maintains an accurate record of all completed work in shop floor data system and/or manual forms as required
  • Completes required audit paperwork based on job stage and equipment operated


Basic Qualifications:

  • Machine Operating experience preferred
  • Keen attention to detail including distinguishing color
  • Proficient communication skills including reading the writing and speaking English
  • Basic computer skills


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Good mechanical aptitude with the ability to select and use appropriate equipment, supplies, and tools
  • Good math skills to be able to compute percentages, weights, and measures
  • Good detail and decision-making skills in order to set up equipment, check product quality and make adjustments to meet customer deadlines and requirements
  • Ability to setup computer-aided machinery and a solid understanding of Windows-based personal computers, including the ability to interface with a PC by inputting and outputting data and loading and unloading programs
  • Ability to communicate and interact effectively with others
  • If identified as a trainer, the ability to effectively train others
  • Ability to follow/interpret written and oral instructions and specifications
  • Must be security and safety oriented
  • Must be reliable through good attendance, punctuality, and cooperation
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time without sitting.