Essential Functions & Responsibilities:
• Reads/understands orders on a daily basis
• Builds wooden skids in accordance with design specifications
• Safely operates radial saw and nail gun
• Builds and packages skids of flat rolled metal for shipping
• Operates forklift, man lift, and overhead crane according to OFR procedure
• Assists in loading trucks
• Utilizes ERP system to complete paperwork verifying correct shipping
• Moves material to and from designated areas
• Participates actively in LEAN events
• Wears appropriate Personal Protective equipment—steel toe boots, safety glasses, gloves, and arm guardsJob Competencies:
• Able to read and comprehend work orders, directions, and safety and procedural manuals
• Must be able to effectively communicate (both verbally and in writing) with the sales department to address specific customer requirements and/or to verify quality acceptance from the customer; must also be able to complete shipping tickets and communicate equipment problems, safety issues, and/or quality issues to appropriate personnel using knowledge of the structure and content of the English language
• Follows directions and uses common sense to determine causes of late delivery
• Knowledge of various hand tools, measuring, and guiding devices•Knowledge of gauges, dials, pedals, and other indicators on machinery
• Able to perform basic math—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
• Able to exert maximum muscle force to lift, push, pull, or carry objects
• Able to arrange objects or actions in order or a pattern according to specific rules
• Able to see details and close and far range

Physical Demands:
• Infrequent lifting of weight up to 50 pounds from floor to waist level
• Carrying up to 50 pounds at waist level for a distance no greater than 5 feet on a semi-frequent basis
• Ability to use a rotating motion of shoulder to toss items weighing up to 30 pounds on a frequent basis
• Must be able to bend, squat and/or crouch down using knee and hip movement frequently
• Frequent torso movement involving twisting, bending and/or stretching is performed
• Frequent reaching and stretching of arms below and above shoulder level
• Frequent head and neck motion in looking up, down and from side to side
• Ability to stand and/or walk for up to 8 hours per day• Using full body motion to climb in and out of forklifts•Ability to push and pull weight of up to 30 pounds at chest level
• Utilize manual dexterity of arms, elbows, wrists and fingers
• Ability to visually interpret multiple shades of colors
• Must be able to hear, speak and interpret sounds

Work Environment
• Work environment contains moving mechanical parts and is consistent with the standard manufacturing and/or warehousing environments
• Work may be performed near moderate to continuous loud noise

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