Broad Function: The Screening Operator places a protective coating on the surface of the printed circuit board panel exposing only holes and pads in order to allow solder to be selectively applied. The liquid photo imageable soldermask is screened onto a clean panel utilizing manual or automatic screening system. Screening Operators apply LPI solder-mask and legend to the panels, expose and develop solder-mask, and clean screens. The developing process is the removal of the unexposed solder-mask in order to leave a clean surface for solder coating. Screening Operators process panels through the screening/solder-mask operation per the designated written process Work Instructions.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
● Process panel per Screening and Soldermask work instructions ● Operate Printar automatic screening system. Perform preventive maintenance according to schedule. ● Inspect spray nozzles and service as necessary. Verify nozzle pressure. ● Properly mix and apply ink for legend screening and soldermask. ● Inspect panel for defects. Inspect for full coverage and ink contamination. ● Cure soldermask or strip soldermask, as required, per written work instructions. ● Screen panels using constant squeegee pressure and speed. ● Tack dry in conveyor oven. ● Must adhere to all health and safety guidelines, including requirements for keeping the area clean and organized as documented in written process procedures. Required to utilize all appropriate safety equipment and to receive annual RCRA and safety training. ● Maintain a clean, orderly work area.

Other Duties:

● Maintaining a clean work environment ● Product verification of panels processed ● Environmental regulations for proper chemical handling and storage of chemicals ● Preventive maintenance on equipment ● The employee is responsible to follow all RCRA standards as outlined by the certification that he or she has been trained to at all times. The health and safety regulations encompass the cleanliness of the area that he or she will be working as a result. ● May handle hazardous waste as outlined in departmental work instructions. ● Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
● Solid knowledge of math ● Strong attention to detail ● Ability to work around chemicals ● Good computer skills ● Ability to perform visual inspection ● PCB manufacturing experience preferred, but not required ● Ability to produce quality work under pressure ● Able to understand and follow daily work direction and process instructions in English as received verbally or in writing from supervisor or other qualified person. ● Ability to understand and follow posted procedures. ● Ability to understand and follow all safety codes and requirements.

Training Requirements: ● Annual safety and RCRA training, including thereafter Introduction to RCRA, Properties of Facility Waste, Waste Minimization Accumulation, Container Management, and Emergency Response Plan. ● Specific job training on assigned manufacturing processes

Job Level: Utility Operator Level, typically 0-1 years of experience ● Entry level position. Employee in training under close supervision. Operator I Level, typically 1-2 years of experience ● Operator is trained to all functions of position and operates fairly independently under moderate supervision.

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