Broad Function: Independently operate multiple NC machines simultaneously to rout patterns in panels and/or cut out boards from panels per customer requirements.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Rout boards, cross sections, and coupons from panels.  Perform controlled depth milling, plated edge routs, countersinks and bevel.  Perform standard and complex machine setups including downloading of rout programs, selection and set-up of correct bits, and alignment of panels to the machine.  Use a CNC router, rout parts and related coupons from manufactured panels. Operators are also required to perform milling work.  Use measuring tools such as calipers and read and understand blueprints.  Perform dimensional analysis using hand measurement tools, and make the appropriate corrections.  Visually inspect panels for good workmanship.  Utilize machines to meet required productivity standards.  Perform other dimensioning processes, such as beveling, milling, chamfering, and countersinks.  Routine maintenance is also required to keep equipment functioning properly.  Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
 Excellent mathematical skills.  Strong computer skills  Outstanding attention to detail
 Ability to produce quality work under pressure  Ability to stand on feet for 8 hours  Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. and work in noisy environment (hearing protection provided)  Able to communicate fluently (read, write, and speak) in English.  Able to understand and follow daily work direction and process instructions in English as received verbally or in writing from supervisor or other qualified person.  Ability to understand and follow posted procedures.  Ability to understand and follow all safety codes.
Training Requirements:  Completion of departmental training program.  Completion of safety training as required for assigned job duties.

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