Production Technician: follows established procedures in production line and cell environments to test and perform calibration, adjustment and assembly of handheld specialized electromechanical equipment. Download programs into a CPU assembly using a third party boot loaders and programing apparatus. Uses analytical skills to assess points of failure in electronic assemblies. Give suggestions with remedies to problem areas that prohibit a smooth production flow.


Position Requirements:

  • 2+ years’ experience in a technical production environment
  • Knowledge of standard electronic testing equipment, experience using small hand tools, reading and understanding various computer screen outputs of electric signals.
  • Experience in various methods of loading established programs in to CPU assemblies
  • Must be able to read schematics and assembly diagrams and follow established procedures.
  • Electrical technical degree or 2+ years of related work experience in a manufacturing environment.
  • In manufacturing line and cell environments perform tests, calibrations, adjustments and completed assembly of critical electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • Works from established work instructions, test procedures and schematics to determine the method and sequence for adjustment and calibration.
  • Works in and understands cell manufacturing professes to insure smooth and predictable production flow.
  • Tests functional performance of systems, subassemblies and parts under specified environmental conditions including, vibration, pressure and humidity.
  • Calibrates test instruments according to specifications calibrates and tests manufactured equipment using standard electronic test equipment as well as in house alignment and calibration fixtures,
  • Uses sound judgement principals to insure all work meets established guidelines
  • Analyzes test results on defective units to determine cause of failure and makes repairs as instructed to minimalize costly fallout of key electronic assemblies.
  • Confers with engineers, technicians, production personnel, and others regarding testing procedures and results to resolve problems.
  • Used PC, UNIX, or MAC computer systems to download program into CPU assemblies
  • Other duties as needed.



  • 7:00am – 3:30pm Monday – Thursday, 6:00am-2:30pm on Fridays
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