Position Requirements:

  • Responsibilities
    • Communicates with batching department to set priority on batches to be weighed out.
    • Use a report of raw materials required for a batch to obtain raw materials from the warehouse and deliver to the preweigh area.
    • Accurately maintain raw material inventory by tracking correct lot numbers and expiration dates and retain raw materials to their locations.
    • Update inventory in system based when a raw material from a certain location is consumed.
    • Confirm identity of raw material pulled matches that in the electronic system.
    • Verify all raw materials being used are not expired – for any expired raw materials, they are placed in quarantine and QA is notified.
    • Weigh out each raw material within acceptable tolerances.
    • Record inventory adjustments when necessary.
    • Maintain a clean and safe GMP environment.
  • Requirements
    • This person should be well organized and be able to work independently and have good attention to detail.
    • This person will need to have experience with computers and be able to learn a new inventory system.
    • Must also have the ability to lift at least 50lbs multiple times throughout a 10 hour shift.
  • Ability to move raw materials drums (up to 500lbs) with a drum dolly or drum lift.
  • Experience with a pull stacker would be beneficial but not required.


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