Broad Function: Laminator lays-up I/L cores with pre-preg and copper foil. Utilizing heat and pressure the booked I/L cores are pressed to form a panel. Under close to minimum supervision, depending on assigned job level and skill capability, the Laminator by applying one or more lamination skills will be able to process panels through the lamination operation per the designated Manufacturing Process Procedures. Lamination skills are: flash route, breakdown, lay up, material preparation, and lamination press. Other duties as assigned.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Material Prep: The material prep process is preparing all materials to be used in the lay-up process.
Process panels per Lamination MPP:
● Monitor humidity in material prep room.

● Verify requirements of incoming materials to package label.

● -(Vendor, correct material, lot number, proper marking, thickness, size)

● Monitor accuracy of materials inventory.

● Monitor usage of material by shelf life.

● Cut Prepreg, caps, copper foil, and tedlar as required.

● Drill lay up holes as necessary.

Lay-up: Lay-up is the process of layering (“booking”) the detail with the prepreg and the copper foil to create a book that will be placed in the lamination press.
Process panels per Lamination MPP:
● Verify that all necessary materials are available prior to start of job lay-up.

● Lay-up panels per lay-up sheet and traveler.

● Verify bake cycle of details prior to lay-up.

● Clean caul plates with Time Saver.

● Monitor to insure uniform and constant flow of work through area.

● Verify humidity of lay-up room.

● Measure thickness of finished panels.

Breakdown: The breakdown process is the final step after lamination to clean and prepare the panel for the next process.
● De-pin and breakdown books.

● Clean resin from tooling holes, move to flash route for route after lamination.

● Measure panel thickness using micrometer.

● Brush panels for particles.

Lamination Press: In the pressing stage the books are placed into the lamination press and subjected to extreme heat and pressure. When subjected to heat and pressure in the lamination cycle the resin in the prepreg softens, flows, and becomes an adhesive. When cooled, bonding of the copper foil, details, and prepreg form a panel.
Process panels per Multilayer Lamination MPP:
● Verify press calibration.

● Verify proper vacuum pressure of press.

● Assure proper placement of books in press.

● Verify temperature and cycle time per traveler.

● Monitor to insure uniform and consistent flow of work through presses.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
● Able to understand and follow daily work direction and process instructions from supervisor or other qualified person in English.

● Ability to understand and follow posted procedures.

● Ability to understand and follow all safety codes.

● Must be able to communicate fluently in English, including basic reading and writing.

● Attention to directions and ability to focus on details

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