JOB SUMMARY: Work with little supervision to perform important machine shop support/janitorial functions as outlined below.


CHIP REMOVAL• Use a forklift to empty chip bins at the work centers as needed on a daily basis.• Schedule the recycling company to pick-up the material recycling bins as needed.• Empty the coolant trays under the recycling bins regularly to prevent them from overflowing and maintain a clean area around the bins.

MACHINE OIL AND FLUIDS• Maintain a weekly log that shows the levels of fluids that are on hand (drum levels).• Notify your supervisor when levels fall below the specified reorder level.• Maintain a clean and safe area around the drum storage area.• Perform regularly scheduled inspections of the drums to prevent spill/leak hazard.

WORK CENTER COOLANT CHANGES• Empty the old coolant from work centers and refill them as requested by machine operators and/or supervisors.• Clean out work center chip trays and chip conveyors as requested by machine operators and/or supervisors.• Manage the disposal of used coolant daily.

JANITORIAL DUTIES• Develop a schedule for sweeping and mopping all common floor areas in the shop regularly, and as needed.• Maintain (sweep, mop and wax regularly) tiled floors in the Deburr, Grind Rooms, and Inspection Lab.• Replace light bulbs in office areas as needed. • Perform other janitorial functions as needed.

MATERIAL HANDLING• Assist employees with the safe retrieval and handling of WIP, finished goods, materials and other items that are used in daily operation.• Maintain the manufacturing pallet rack area by continually moving items (crates/pallets/boxes) off the floor and into the rack.• Move scrap material into the recycling bins when requested by supervisors.

OTHER DUTIES• Perform other duties as requested by your supervisor and/or other manager at our facility.• Maintain the supplies needed to perform these duties.Additional responsibilities and duties may be assigned.

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Minimal requirements for education, knowledge and experience:

EducationHigh School graduate or equivalent. Experience Minimum 3 years’ experience with similar duties in a manufacturing facility. Able to use forklifts, pallet jacks, cranes, and other material handling equipment safely to move product in and around our facility. Able to read, write, and speak English effectively. This position requires lifting; must be able to lift objects which weigh up to 40 lbs. on a regular basis. This position also requires standing and walking for extended periods of time on a daily basis. Must possess a valid Colorado driver’s license.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: This position requires the ability to perform the essential duties and responsibilities in the following environment:• Work schedule generally consists of 40 hours per week, which may include on-call status, evenings, and/or weekends.

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