Quality Inspector: 

• Reads production blueprints and assesses unknown dimensions

• Conducts first-piece inspection as detailed in the Quality Assurance Inspection Standards; requires verifying part dimensions and conducting a visual inspection of the first part produced from an order.

• Conducts continuous visual inspections of parts in process

• Conducts in-process inspection audits; requires review of drawing and supporting order documents such as contracts, test reports, and any other certifications required prior to sending to next operation.

• Completes first-article inspection report (FAIR); requires inspecting and verifying parts in accordance with customer drawing. Records in customer file for tracking purposes

• Conducts final visual inspection of parts; includes reviewing documentation provided with order of in-process inspections and then verifying all required processes are complete and correct. Attaches final documentation required by customer

• Initiates Management Review Board process for rework orders, disposition of nonconforming material, and destruction of scrap (raw material and finished good)

• Conducts force and torque testing of finished goods.

• Operates Seebrez as needed.

• Operates Coordinate Measurement Machine as needed.

• Ensures required documentation from all inspections are complete.

• Ensures correct product identification and traceability of materials is maintained throughout the operations process

.• Initiates Quality-related turn backs and records in the Qualtrax system

.• Assists with Internal Auditing as required.

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