Broad Function: To coat, expose and develop light sensitive film on a variety of materials, inner layers, sub- assemblies and outer layers.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Pre-Clean I/L: The surface preparation process cleans the panels prior to resist coating.
 Clean panels per MPP.

 Change solutions per environmental direction or preventive maintenance.

 Verify temperature.

 Set conveyor speed.

 Verify correct pressure.

 Inspect for defects.

 Monitor product appearance.

 Check nozzles and filters

Photo Resist Lamination (I/L ) – Photo resist lamination places a thin coating of photo imageable resist material on both sides of the core by moving the panel through a hot lamination machine.

Process panels per Photo Resist Lamination I/L work instructions.
 Check laminator to ensure correct operation of the heaters, vacuum source, cutter roll pressure and conveyor.

 Properly load resist in laminator.
 Inspect for roller defects.

 Inspect resist for defects.

 Verify that processing time windows have not been surpassed.

 Remove surface contamination with automatic clean machine or film cleaner prior to resist lamination of each layer.

 Process first article panels.

 Count panels.

 Coat resist.

 Verify quality; check for wrinkles on resist, foreign material, or contamination.

Dry film:
 Independently operate machines requiring setups

 Exposer maintenance

 May duplicate artwork and inspect results to produce working copies for production process.

 Develop and/or touch-up to duplicate circuit images onto panels prior to plating or masking.

 Cleaning of work area

 Using layup sheets

 Stocking and inventory of core material, dry film and developing solution.

 Maintenance of equipment.

 Coordination of workload and minimum through put expectations.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
 Functional English skills (reading, writing, speaking)

 Attention to detail

 Basic computer skills

 Adherence to all safety requirements of the position

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