Our client is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Their innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for our customers in a sustainable way.

Cutter/Welders use hand welding and flame-cutting equipment to weld together metal components and parts or to cut, trim, or scarf metal objects to dimensions, as specified by layouts, work orders, or blueprints.

Position Requirements:

  • Chips or grinds off excess weld, slag, or spatter, using hand scraper or power chipper, portable grinder, or arc-cutting equipment.
  • Positions workpieces and clamps together or assembles in jigs or fixtures.
  • Preheats workpiece, using hand torch or heating furnace.
  • Ignites torch or starts power supply and strikes arc.
  • Reviews layouts, blueprints, diagrams, or work orders in preparation for welding or cutting metal components.
  • Selects and inserts electrode or gas nozzle into holder and connects hoses and cables to obtain gas or specified amperage, voltage, or polarity.
  • Connects and turns regulator valves to activate and adjust gas flow and pressure to obtain desired flame.
  • Selects and installs torch, torch tip, filler rod, and flux, according to welding chart specifications or type and thickness of metal.
  • Guides electrodes or torch along weld line at specified speed and angle to weld, melt, cut, or trim metal.
  • Welds metal parts or components together, using brazing, gas, or arc welding equipment.
  • Repairs broken or cracked parts, fills holes and increases size of metal parts, using welding equipment
  • Welds in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead position.
  • Cleans or degreases parts, using wire brush, portable grinder, or chemical bath.
  • Inspects finished workpiece for conformance to specifications.
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