Broad Function: The AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) Operator uses an optical machine to detect defects in cores and panels. AOI operators are responsible for the optimization, verification and rework of inner layers. The AOI Operator sets up the AOI machine and scans the panels for defects. Uses post-etch punch to place tooling holes in the inner layers to be used for registration purposes in future processes.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Visual inspection of panels processed
  • Perform manual operations, including precision circuit network.
  • Measure impendence according to customer specification
  • Lay-up orders for Lamination
  • Rework on shorts on boards
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Keep work area clean
  • Assist Lamination with cleaning boards
  • Verify program is in database. If not it must be received from CAD reference or manually entered.
  • Verify customer requirements in the program to the traveler.
  • Update information as necessary
  • Remove debris from layer using a tacky mat and roller
  • Scan layers on automated equipment
  • Mark layer for verification
  • Read traveler for job requirements and special notes. Verify that part numbers, job numbers, revision, tooling numbers, etc., match with traveler requirements.
  • Verify all layer counts
  • Verify scanned layers and/or panels for defects
  • Separate good layers and/or panels from rework and scrap
  • Perform rework under magnification, such as repairing shorts
  • Adjust punch as necessary for proper use
  • Interpret traveler for placement of panel
  • Verify targets are centered looking at video screen
  • Verify registration after punch
  • Inspect layers to check all points have been verified
  • Inspect layers for proper rework
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to accurately perform required visual inspection 
  • Excellent attention to detail 
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at once 
  • Solid computer skills 
  • Able to perform detailed/tedious work for extended periods. 
  • Drive to produce the highest quality product possible 
  • Able to communicate fluently (read, write, and speak) in English. 
  • Able to understand and follow daily work direction and process instructions in English as received verbally or in writing from supervisor or other qualified person. 
  • Ability to understand and follow posted procedures. 
  • Ability to understand and follow all safety codes.

Training Requirements:

  • Completion of departmental training program.
  • Completion of safety training as required for assigned job duties.
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